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Wouter Cyx

Senior professional &
business manager

The founder and driving force behind Transition Stories holds a degree in industrial engineering in electromechanics and a master’s degree in Public Management from Antwerp Management School.

In 2008, he started his career as researcher energy in buildings at VITO. Between 2009 and 2013, he also taught “Energy efficiency in buildings” at the Hogeschool Brussel. In 2011, he moved to the city of Antwerp, where he was responsible for strategic energy projects. One example is the development and implementation of the first heat network in Antwerp, located in Nieuw Zuid. He was also involved in drafting the strategic energy vision.

At the end of 2016, he left Antwerp to fully focus on founding Kelvin Solutions. Since 2018, he has focused on the further development of heat policy plans, policy vision and local climate planning, eventually leading to the establishment of Transition Stories in 2019.

His expertise is in climate policy, spatial policy and stakeholder management. Combining technical knowledge with insights from business and policy sciences, he has learned how to translate technical projects into a vision that enjoys broad public support.


Draw up emissions inventory for the city of Antwerp


Developing an indicator model through data collection, analysis, and calculations. READ MORE

Renewable heat training for the province of Antwerp

2023 – 2024

Organising digital training and physical workshops to give cities and towns decisiveness in realising their climate plans. READ MORE

Ostend heat plan for Energiehuis Oostende

2023 – 2024

Developing a heat plan and refining heat zoning map. READ MORE

Heat plan for Grimbergen municipality

2023 – 2024

Drafting heat policy plan in response to Intercommunal Haviland’s appeal. READ MORE

Drafting exchange agreement for SOGent


Drafting of heat and cold exchange agreement between De Waalse Krook and the Winter Circus in Ghent. READ MORE

External jury assignment on demonstration projects for Departement Omgeving


Assessment of several demonstration projects climate that are subject to state aid rules and have an economic angle. READ MORE

Heat plan for the city of Hasselt


Drafting heat policy plan for Hasselt to move towards climate-neutral heating and cooling.

Heat policy for the city of Beringen


Project manager for the development of the Bering heat plan. In addition, the city was supported in the roll-out of a heat network on the Houtpark site. READ MORE

One Stop Shop: benchmark study and policy advice for the city of Hasselt


Aligning the processes and operations of various municipal services and partner organisations so that residents of Hasselt can obtain correct and complete renovation advice, the guidance process runs smoothly and information flows correctly and smoothly between services and renovation supervisors. To this end, a process methodology and communication strategy were developed and a process flow turned into a usable tool. READ MORE

Starting cooperation on business parks for the city of Ghent


Process leader, process architect and moderator for the start-up of cooperation projects at Ghent business parks on themes such as energy, mobility, circular economy, climate adaptation, etc. Besides spotting opportunities, the assignment consisted of seeking support from companies and linking this to concrete financing perspectives for a relaunch of the opportunities. READ MORE

Organising workshops for the province of Antwerp: What after heat zoning?


HThe organisation of workshops where more than 15 municipalities were guided in prioritising and searching for opportunity areas on the basis of the initial analyses of heat zoning. READ MORE

Heat transition projects: optimising district renovation process Stebo, province of Limburg


Optimisation of the district renovation process as offered by Stebo to Limburg cities and towns. READ MORE

Climate schools Sint-Niklaas


Project leader, process architect and moderator for setting up an operation around climate schools in Sint-Niklaas. These action domains of this network alliance are linked to the 6 pillars of the climate compact OK Future in Sint-Niklaas. READ MORE

Participation strategy climate districts Leuven

2021 – 2022

Developing a participation strategy around the topic of renovating climate districts in Leuven commissioned by the city of Leuven, Vlaams Bouwmeester and Departement Omgeving. READ MORE

Sustainable business park management for Maasmechelen municipality


PProject management in the preliminary research phase of a market study on setting up sustainable business park management at the Maneborne and Ouder Bunders business parks in Maasmechelen. The aim was to obtain a solid strategy with process and content lines for the successful launch of business park management. At the end of the preliminary study, the municipality supported the business park management for three years in cooperation with a park manager appointed by Quares. READ MORE

Market research on setting up shared facilities in Turnhout business parks

2020 – 2021

Conducting market research into setting up shared facilities in Turnhout’s business parks. With the aim of transforming existing business parks into future-proof business parks. After selection, three promising themes were further developed into a local business model. This assignment was carried out in cooperation with Quares.

Developing a blueprint for business parks of the future for POM West Flanders

2020 – 2021

Project management in drawing up a blueprint for transforming existing business parks into business parks of the future. For this purpose, a methodology was developed to engage in process management for the elaboration and implementation of transition plans across six transformation axes, including circular economy, space, mobility, park management,… READ MORE

Coaching climate plan 2030 for the city of Hoogstraten

2020 – 2021

Supporting and coaching Hoogstraten in the drafting of their new 2030 climate plan.

Heat zoning Sint-Niklaas for province of East Flanders

2019 – 2020

Project management in creating a heat map and heat zoning plan for Sint-Niklaas, working closely with internal and external stakeholders.

Eeklo heat zoning and Oostveld transit vision for the province of East Flanders

2019 – 2020

Project management in drawing up a heat map and heat zoning plan for Eeklo. The elaboration of a participatory transit vision heat was then linked to the Oostveld district within the framework of COBEN-Interreg.

Climate plan 2030 for the city of Ostend

2020 – 2021

Project management in the drafting of the city of Ostend’s new 2030 mitigation climate plan and the development of an organisational structure to promote cooperation between the various stakeholders. READ MORE

Heat transition for the province of Flemish Brabant

2018 – 2019

Preparation of a heat map, heat zoning plan and heat policy plan for the municipality of Asse, Dilbeek and Tienen as part of the “Warmtewende” project.

Climate plan 2030 for the city of Antwerp

2018 – 2020

Designing a governance structure for cooperation between different stakeholders in Antwerp regarding urban climate projects. Monitoring and assessing the policies, strategies and policy texts of the climate plan. READ MORE

DOEN - energy and waste streams broker for INTERREG Flanders-Netherlands

2018 – 2021

Preparation of a methodology and training for energy brokers and residue stream brokerage. The focus here was on the link between companies in business parks and business parks and the built environment around them. READ MORE

Trajectory support organisational strategy sustainable energy for Veneco, Destelbergen


Trajectory support to the regional intermunicipal association Veneco in drawing up an internal policy vision on the space-energy relationship. From there, a new policy strategy was defined for Veneco’s services to the participating municipalities.

Renewable heat and heat policy training

2017 – 2018

Various trainings for ODE-Vlaanderen, city of Sint-Niklaas, PMV on the technology, economy, spatial impact and politics behind sustainable heat. From here, there was a reflection on the roles the target audience can take in it.

Gasless subdivision district for FDME & KB foundation, Turnhout

2017 – 2018

Conducting spatial, technical and economic research into the sustainability opportunities of an existing subdivision district in Turnhout.

Greening Flemish heat supply policy study for Bond Beter Leefmilieu Vlaanderen

2017 – 2018

Holistic study of the state-of-art on green heat in Flanders.

From here, a number of game-changing policy strategies were proposed for the various levels of government in Flanders. READ MORE

Nieuw Zuid heat grid for the city of Antwerp

2011 – 2016

Project leadership in conducting feasibility studies, developing business models, managing project communications, negotiating contracts and tenders and monitoring implementation in the development of the New South heat grid, preparing an area strategy for the ISVAG furnace expansion,… LEES MEER

Various EU projects for VITO & city of Antwerp

2008 – 2016

Research for various projects such as STRATEGO, IEE-Tabula and more.

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