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Intercommunal Haviland sought a partner for its 35 municipalities to guide them in setting up a heat plan. Transition Stories was chosen to take on this task. Thanks to our extensive experience, we can work efficiently and offer a high-quality heat plan at a competitive price even for smaller municipalities.

For 3 years, Transition Stories is available to draw up heat plans on demand. The first heat plan, for the municipality of Grimbergen, is being drawn up. Kapelle-op-den-Bos, Affligem and Kampenhout already followed in line.

Through four workshops, we develop a shared vision of the role of the city or municipality in the heat transition. We then select projects from the heat zoning map to compile a project basket, aligned with the governance vision. This is how we accelerate the energy transition of the city or municipality.

Source photo: Haviland

Intercommunal Haviland

2023 – 2025

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Renewable heat





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