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In the run-up to the development of the city of Beringen’s heat policy plan, Transition Stories and Kelvin Solutions worked closely together to bridge the gap between the climate plan, the heat zoning map and real-world practice. This plan focused on the technical steps needed to achieve and prioritise the set goals.

During an initial workshop, the required technical steps were examined, followed by an in-depth analysis of how these steps can be put into practice. Questions about which policy instruments Beringen can use, how many resources are needed to do so and how to monitor the effectiveness of actions taken were thoroughly discussed and elaborated.

Parallel to these efforts, steps were also taken in the Wood Park subdivision file. Here, they were:

  1. A letter of intent between all parties involved, assisted by the city of Beringen. This agreement of intent, aimed at investigating the implementation of a heat network, was announced during a press event on 24 February 2023 (see photo).
  2. Spatial regulations were developed to ensure the anchoring of the heat network as part of the Wood Park allotment file.

City of Beringen

2022 – 2023

Reference theme
Renewable heat








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