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With a view to achieving the city’s goal of climate neutrality, the City of Ghent has decided to revitalise its approach to business parks. Increasing energy efficiency requirements, geopolitical challenges and growing climate risks, as well as individual actions and expectations of companies regarding renewable energy and circular business, are driving this effort.

Seeing industry and businesses as integral parts of a geographical ecosystem has highlighted the potential for collective sustainability of business parks. The city sought collective and collaborative solutions at the level of these sites. This included making on-site contacts, identifying shared challenges and exploring partnerships aimed at creating future-proof business parks.

This pilot project aimed to explore and implement the benefits of a collective approach through coordinated dialogues at selected business parks in Ghent. During these dialogues with local businesses and key stakeholders, concrete project opportunities were explored, identifying areas where cooperation could add value for all parties involved.

City of Ghent

2022 – 2023

Reference theme
Future-proof business parks







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