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The European DOEN project is developing the methodology of the energy and waste flows broker. In doing so, it aims to contribute to the European 2020 and 2030 objectives around energy & climate. DOEN is a new (public) service that brings together demanders and suppliers of energy and residue streams on business parks and shapes their common project.

In DOEN, five Flemish and Dutch provinces, cities and businesses are joining forces. The DOEN project therefore provides both a roadmap and a toolbox for setting up collaborations and exchange of residue streams on industrial estates. This roadmap was partly developed after academic research and case studies in the Benelux. Wouter Cyx and Peter Verboven were responsible for developing the roadmap, the training programme and the toolbox.

The project also focused on creating networks between potential energy brokers and sharing best practices. Several collaborative projects were set up on the ground around energy exchanges, concretely contributing to the energy transition.

Province of East Flanders

2018 – 2021

Reference theme
Future-proof business parks







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