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City of Ostend has put its climate plan into action and sought a partner to develop a heat plan. Transition Stories was commissioned by Energiehuis Oostende to take on this task. Together with the local administration, a heat vision was created, focusing on cooperation with the existing heat operator in Ostend. The organically grown cooperation between the city and the operator was formalised, aligning roles and procedures.

The heat zoning map, a crucial tool within the heat plan, underwent further refinement by using insights gained from the heat vision and practical experiences during the heat network rollout. This refinement allowed the map to provide an even more accurate picture of heat needs and opportunities within Ostend, allowing policymakers and stakeholders to make more informed decisions. Moreover, the development of a targeted renovation approach resulted in a more effective approach to energy efficiency and sustainability within the community.

It not only provided solutions for energy efficiency and CO2 reduction, but also stimulated the local economy by creating jobs and promoting innovation in the construction sector. This enabled Energiehuis Oostende to implement a customised communication strategy aimed at informing and involving various target groups in sustainability initiatives. With a tailor-made support package, the energy house was able to respond effectively to the specific needs and challenges of different stakeholders, which promoted the acceptance and implementation of sustainable solutions.

Energiehuis Oostende

2023 – 2024

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