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Since 2015, energy coaches from the city of Sint-Niklaas have been supporting schools in the transition to sustainable energy consumption. After extensive discussions with the city, climate coaches, and various schools, Transition Stories has developed a vision. This vision now serves as a guide to achieve the common goal of climate neutrality by 2050. It streamlines, structures, and accelerates the process of transitioning to sustainability.

During a workshop, participants confirmed this vision and developed a tailor-made climate action plan for schools of Sint-Niklaas. In doing so, they answered concrete questions and supported schools in debating priorities and planning their path to 2050, while charting their own course and exploring funding opportunities.

Climate coaches are given practical tools, with an emphasis on communication and networking, enabling them to take action independently. Regular meetings promote cooperation and knowledge sharing. The project concluded with the signing of the ‘Climate Schools for OK Future’ banner, in which schools and the city confirmed their mutual commitment to making Sint-Niklaas a climate city.

City of Sint-Niklaas

2022 – 2023

Reference theme
Climate schools








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