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Together with VITO, the province of Antwerp made an initial heat analysis for every municipality in the province. This large-scale analysis shows where and under what conditions collective heat systems can be profitable. Together with the Flemish heat map, the initial heat analysis forms a good technical basis on which to build a heat policy. Transition Stories provided tools to further develop the initial analysis.

In the step from heat analysis to heat policy, local governments defined actions, aimed at both collective and individual heat systems. These actions were prioritised among themselves and worked out who is involved, what the expected costs are and what steps need to be taken to proceed to realisation. Through our online learning package where each step of the process is discussed using examples, the municipalities were able to further develop their start-up analysis.

A physical workshop was also organised in which we gave participants useful tools to select heat projects, weigh them among themselves and convert the promising projects into a project sheet. At the end of the workshop, participants had the chance to pitch their heat projects in a safe environment and get feedback from colleagues.

Province of Antwerp


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Local climate policy








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