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With the end of the current political term in sight, the city of Bruges has adopted a climate plan (2022). This climate plan, called ‘Bruges Towards Tomorrow’, aims for ambitious targets, including reducing local carbon emissions by half by 2030 and working towards a climate-neutral city with no net carbon emissions by 2050. The content of the plan includes seven ‘Bridges To Tomorrow’, covering different aspects of sustainability and climate action, such as fossil-free heating, renewable energy, sustainable mobility, circular economy, food strategy, climate resilience and collaboration.

In view of the upcoming legislature, Transition Stories prepared a financial budget that will enable the implementation of this ambitious climate plan. This official preparation is essential for a solid foundation of the city of Bruges’ next multi-year financial planning. After all, a solid budget estimate increases the chances of successful implementation of the set goals. Therefore, our own financial model was used to financially model the various sectors of the Bruges climate plan and thus obtain a realistic picture of the resources needed for its implementation.

This approach demonstrates experience in financial planning and analysis, as well as an understanding of the political environment in which this plan is created. Bringing these aspects together lays a foundation for effective implementation of Bruges Towards Tomorrow, contributing to a more sustainable future for the city and its residents.

City of Bruges

2023 – 2024

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