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By 2050, every Flemish home should be low-energy and energy-efficient. So the Fleming must renovate better. Stad Peer wants to support its residents in this to accelerate the renovation wave in the city. To this end, Transition Stories set up a consortium with Home2HomeAgiflyAddValue en Jonathan Heirbaut.

Using workshops, Transition Stories mapped the work processes of renovation supervisor Home2Home and of a number of city services (including housing & permits) and aligned them into a process flow. The process flow represents the customer journey in a number of phases, with each phase outlining what happens, how the renovation supervisor supports residents, and who takes on which task. It is an interactive document where people can click through from the overview to different sheets with more information.

In addition to drafting the process flow, Transition Stories developed a communication and target group strategy. The potential motivators and demotivators for each target group were identified, along with the contact points available to reach them. In addition, sample messages and suggestions for the focus of a potential communication campaign were prepared.

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