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The shift to a climate-neutral and climate-robust society is driving our cities and municipalities to do things differently. Employees are challenged to acquire new knowledge and skills. Being an expert is no longer enough. The employees and politicians of the future are ‘T-shaped profiles’. People with deep core expertise complemented by broad skills around communication, network thinking, financing strategy, participation, etc.

We increasingly feel the tension between current and required skills. To address this, we have developed a digital training platform with Transition Stories where we train our clients (from government to private organisations) in these ‘new skills and insights’. With our training courses on innovation & policy, we convey that targeted thematic expertise and skills.

  • Duration: training courses are divided into bite-sized modules.
  • The knowledge transfer is done online.
  • After the e-learning course, there is the choice to work out questions and real-life situations in a physical workshop.

The focus is on recognisable examples, concrete tools and lots of interaction to sustainably strengthen the group.

Transition Stories – personal initiative

2022 – today

Transition Stories Academy








Wondering what Transition Stories can do for your organisation?