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News update: Sun on large, Antwerp roofs

By 20 June 2022June 10th, 2024No Comments
City of Antwerp is looking at the potential to accelerate large roof areas of sheds, offices, flats and the tertiary sector with large PV installations. For two years, Transition Stories, together with Arcadis and subsidiary Over Morgen, will provide the necessary support for pilot projects in the city to realise large areas of solar panels.

Sun on large roofs

The City of Antwerp is looking at large roof areas of sheds, offices, flats and the tertiary sector to install large PV installations on them at an accelerated pace. After all, in the Climate Plan 2030 and its reckoning, the ambition is to produce 15% of locally used electricity locally as well, mainly by solar panels. With the Sun on large roofs project, the city aims to take a giant leap forward in this in two years’ time. On the one hand, a number of promising pilot projects will be supervised until they are realised. On the other hand, the approach used will later be applied to a whole number of additional roofs. The aim is clear: at least 500,000 square metres of additional solar panels on Antwerp roofs by 2024.

What are we going to do?

Transition Stories will provide process guidance throughout the project. On the one hand, we will look for pilot projects on the territory of the City of Antwerp and support them in technical, regulatory and economic terms. On the other hand, we provide a ‘workbook Sun on large roofs’. In it we summarise all the lessons from the pilot projects to take to future PV projects on large roofs.

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