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News update: Collective renovations in Hasselt

By 9 December 2022June 10th, 2024No Comments
In order to make as many homes as possible energy-efficient by 2050, we need to renovate better, or BENOvate, at an accelerated pace. The City of Hasselt wants to help initiate this acceleration and unburden its residents in their renovation projects. To this end, the city has engaged a number of partners to draw up district renovation projects and to guide the people of Hasselt from A to Z in their personal renovation process.

Unburdening householders in their renovation projects

The Flemish Renovation Pact is clear: by 2050, every Flemish home should be as energy-efficient as an energy-efficient new-build to reduce energy bills. In other words: BENOvating! In order to guide residents of Hasselt in this as well as possible, the city appointed a team of different partners to work together.

The renovation coaches of Home 2 Home Realty will be tasked with giving residents of Hasselt an honest, objective and, above all, realistic picture of their renovation process based on their needs and wishes. Transition Stories combines its experiences, the operations of Home 2 Home and those of the city of Hasselt in an aligned process methodology and communication strategy. Agifly and Add Value provide qualitative communication tools tailored to each target group in the different phases of their renovation process.

What will we do?

For this trajectory, Transition Stories is first up. We will develop an efficient process methodology for neighbourhood renovation projects that we will use together with the renovation coaches of Home 2 Home Vastgoed and the employees of the city of Hasselt to guide the neighbourhood renovation in Hasselt. To fine-tune the process methodology, we will organise a number of workshops to clarify who will take which actions in each phase.

The process methodology will be a structured block box in which phase by phase various communication and nudging strategies are collected, together with all kinds of communication tools, type messages for target group-oriented communication and a number of cooperation agreements.

The aim is to provide a usable tool for the city of Hasselt as well as the renovation coaches of Home 2 Home Vastgoed, which they will be able to use concretely from 2023 onwards to guide the people of Hasselt in their renovation projects.

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