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District renovation projects are important and promising for driving home renovations. Unfortunately, the process knowledge to guide such projects is not yet widely spread. That’s why we created an open digital platform about it:

Why district renovations?

District renovation projects are an important and promising tool to further increase the number of home renovations. It allows an entire neighborhood to work together on improving housing quality without the hassle and uncertainty of individual renovation projects. By moving as a group, we can improve the quality and cost-effectiveness of renovations for everyone involved.

Why a platform?

More and more people are convinced of the usefulness of district renovation projects. So, the question is not ‘what are we going to do?’, but rather ‘how are we going to do this?’. However, the knowledge to guide such projects is not yet widely spread. That’s why we created a digital platform for it.

Successfully guiding a district renovation project is the essence of Guidance requires structure, knowledge, and a good team. With this platform, we aim to significantly improve the learning curve on this topic. This way, we can all create faster and more impact on the renovation market together.


The platform brings together an applicable methodology with insights and experiences to improve and disseminate knowledge about neighborhood renovation projects. offers:

  • A handy 10-step methodology on how to guide neighborhood renovations
  • A fully developed video course with additional insights

We aim for an open and dynamic platform where example projects and useful documents will eventually be available. The work is never finished, just like this platform that we want to continue to grow and evolve.

This project was realized by Transition Stories BV and Allemaal Klimaatneutraal vzw with the support of the Fund for Sustainable Materials and Energy ( and the King Baudouin Foundation.

Do you have any questions or would you like to contribute some insights and examples yourself?

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