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The assignment concerned an external evaluation of VVSG Netwerk Klimaat, an expertise network set up by the Flemish Government to support local governments in developing and implementing local energy and climate policies. The main objective of the evaluation is to assess the impact of this network, which serves as a decision basis for further subsidy after the initial operating period.

The responsibility in this assignment included an in-depth evaluation through data collection, analysis, validation, and reporting. This involved examining the effects and impact of VVSG Network Climate on local governments and their sustainability initiatives. The reach of the set objectives and the effectiveness of the activities as defined in VVSG’s annual work programme were assessed.

In addition, satisfaction with the programme offered to local governments and its practical applicability were identified, as well as the relevance of the network and its perception among partners. Finally, recommendations were offered with a view to a possible renewal of the grant. The ultimate goal was to ensure an objective assessment and provide an in-depth insight into the performance and relevance of VVSG Network Climate.

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Reference theme
Local climate policy








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