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In this assignment, the Turnhout city’s 2030 climate plan was developed under the project leadership of Wouter Cyx. The layout was done in close cooperation with the city’s public and private stakeholders and led to the creation of support within the stakeholder community for the climate plan, the climate objectives, the climate measures and the governance structure.

The climate plan encompasses all relevant policy components, ranging from vision and narratives to possible technical measures, policy actions, and an organizational structure. The plan is based on the common vision for 2030 (with a perspective towards 2050) shared by stakeholders and aligned with the European Green Deal ambitions. It is also strongly model-based (utilizing a digital twin of the city) and supported by technical and economic analysis.

As part of this development process, the city of Turnhout was supported in rolling out a stakeholder strategy. A stakeholder structure was designed to give both professional and non-professional stakeholders a full place within the framework. For vulnerable groups, an outreach approach was employed, actively reaching out to them. This was done in collaboration with intermediary actors who have a strong network and a trust relationship with these groups.

City of Turnhout

2020 – 2022

Reference theme
Local climate policy









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