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The vast majority of Leuven flats are over 30 years old and were not developed with energy efficiency in mind. As a result, neither the shell nor the techniques are adapted to a world that is fighting global warming. In-depth energetic renovation of apartment buildings is an important track in that battle, which until recently focused strongly on single-family houses.

Getting apartment buildings renovated is a tough task, as evidenced by the efforts governments have been making for years. Providing extensive support is a key concept to involve owners and tenants in the renovation journey of their apartment. The challenge for Leuven here is to rapidly scale up the number of apartment renovations in the coming years to achieve the ambitions of the renovation strategies and climate plans.

Transition Stories had the opportunity to support Leuven in this intriguing research assignment. The market research consisted of the following phases:

  • phase 1: preparation and Ddeepening
  • phase 2: conducting the survey
  • phase 3: processing & validation
  • phase 4: policy advice, reporting, and presentation

City of Leuven


Reference theme
Building & renovation.








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