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Antwerp, specifically the district of Linkeroever, has been selected as one of the 100 cities to draft a Climate City Contract. This document outlines how the city, or in this case, the district, will achieve climate neutrality by 2030. By doing so, it creates a group of pioneers who will encounter and overcome all obstacles on the path to climate neutrality at an accelerated pace.

The Climate City Contract covers five areas: the built environment, energy systems, mobility, circularity, and nature-based solutions. For each of these sub-areas, it includes measures, an overview of the parties responsible for implementing them, and the required budgets to achieve everything. It also addresses financing mechanisms to fill any gaps that may arise.

In the end, the contract is signed by the city and the various stakeholders. In return, the EC awards a quality label (and a piece of funding). TS helped shape the action plan and investment plan in this assignment.

City of Antwerp

2023 – 2024

Reference theme
Local climate policy






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