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The city of Hasselt faces the challenge of generating its heat fossil-free. Together with Kelvin Solutions and VITO, Transition Stories was appointed to draw up a heat plan.

Transition Stories developed a heat vision, based on a focus group and five interviews, resulting in a politically supported vision with clear guidelines for project proposals. Kelvin Solutions and VITO made a heat zoning map, delineating several collective opportunities together with Transition Stories and the Hasselt administration. For each opportunity, a clear project sheet was drawn up with goals, parties involved and factors that determined the timing. In Hasselt, coupling opportunities for promising new construction projects were mapped.

After the selection of promising projects, an estimate for municipal commitment was made, showing the impact of each project in resources and hours. Two scenarios were developed involving maximum internal or external work.

The Hasselt heat plan provides a well-founded project portfolio, a prioritisation proposal and an adjustable estimate, with which the local government can make choices and start actions in the next legislature.

City of Hasselt

2023 – 2024

Reference theme
Renewable heat









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