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AT LAST enables European cities and municipalities to accelerate in energy transition

By 26 May 2023June 10th, 2024No Comments
AT LAST is a project funded by the EU aimed at assisting smaller cities and municipalities in Europe in developing action plans for sustainable energy and climate. As partners in the AT LAST project, Transition Stories will be responsible for developing digital learning platforms to support European cities and municipalities in achieving their climate ambitions.

Initially, we will roll out our digital learning platforms across 25 cities and municipalities in four pilot networks in Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Sweden. However, we aim to increase this number to 1000 through Communities of Practice (CoP) across Europe.

With over 75% of greenhouse gas emissions in the European Union originating from energy production and use, it is crucial to decarbonize the EU’s energy system. This is essential for achieving the climate goals for 2030 and pursuing the EU’s long-term strategy to be carbon-neutral by 2050, as outlined in the EU Green Deal.

Given that 74% of the European population resides in urban areas, cities and municipalities play a crucial role in mitigating climate change. In response to EU climate policies, they have developed climate plans, often under the umbrella of the Global Covenant of Mayors for Energy and Climate (GCoM). Despite these efforts, the implementation and follow-up of sustainable energy and climate action plans remain challenging, especially for medium-sized cities and smaller municipalities.

Transition Stories is ready to tackle these challenges and accelerate the energy transition!

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