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How and for whom?

Nobody chooses a craftsman or craftswoman because they show off a box full of tools It is the trust in the art with which they deploy this that counts.

   In other words, the impact which we have as Transition Heroes, is only partly about WHAT we do. HOW we do those things is what makes us truly unique.

Transition Stories supports and unburdens local transition heroes. On the one hand, we focus on local governments and their local energy & climate policy. On the other hand, we focus on companies and actors who want to grow towards “Business parks of the future” through collaboration.

We make maximum use of our core strengths to help our customers take that extra step forward.

Scientific foundation

Scientific foundation

Everything we do is based on a solid scientific foundation. By standing on the shoulders of giants you can look further ahead.



We look at the challenges from various disciplines. That is what characterises transitions. It makes us as versatile as a Swiss army knife.

Sustainable anchorage

Sustainable anchorage

We focus our eyes on robust anchorage of change. We attach great importance to the right learning methods and the creation of support. Only by making plans together can we create a broader support base.

No nonsense

No nonsense

Progress is only possible when speaking in plain terms. Our motto is: “Tough with business, gentle with people”

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