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Katelijne Schiltz

Participation & policy expert

Katelijne obtained her degree in social-cultural work at the Arteveldehogeschool in 2008, followed by a postgraduate degree in development cooperation. After an instructive period in Senegal, she started her career in social-cultural adult work. As a volunteer coach at VELT and later at UNIZO, she strengthened her coaching skills and deepened her knowledge in sustainable development and entrepreneurship.

In 2017, she returned to school, combined with a position as a coach of vulnerable jobseekers. In 2021, she obtained her master’s degree in environmental sociology at the University of Antwerp, with high distinction on her master’s thesis on climate justice.

Since February 2022, Katelijne has strengthened the Transition Stories team. With her practical experience in participation, working with vulnerable groups and her solid research foundation as a social scientist, she focuses mainly on research and participation projects with a social slant. She also works on the development of our training offer.

Katelijne has always been active in association life. Her strong ties with civil society provide valuable connections, which allow her to build bridges and foster collaborations between government, civil society, private sector and citizens.


External evaluation Netwerk Klimaat for VVSG vzw


In this project, the VVSG Netwerk Klimaat was thoroughly evaluated through data collection, analysis, validation and reporting. The impact of the network was assessed to decide from there on further grant funding after the initial operating period. READ MORE

Evaluation of the cooperation agreement of VEB for Departement Omgeving


Project officer on the evaluation of the multi-year management contract between the Flemish Energy Company and the Flemish government. For this evaluation, both ex ante and ex post evaluations were carried out. This was done in close cooperation with a 360° view of stakeholders. Both the Flemish government, VEB itself, VEB’s customers and suppliers were involved in this. READ MORE

In-company training for governments and companies initiated by Transition Stories


Content coordinator and organiser of various training programmes developed by Transition Stories on topics including:

  • Communication and stakeholder participation
  • Financing strategies
  • Local energy and climate policy
  • Process optimisation of policy processes


Market research renovation strategy flats for the city of Leuven


Developing policy advice on the role of Leuven energy consultants in guiding flats in their renovation strategy. This policy advice was developed on the basis of a survey and literature study, combined with a compact stakeholder process. READ MORE

Trajectory climate schools for the city of Sint-Niklaas


Redesigning the operation of the energy coach to climate coach. A vision and action plan was devised for climate schools in close cooperation with the schools. READ MORE

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