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Erik Verbeke

Senior consultant & process consultant

Erik combines a large technical baggage with experience and interest in sustainability and climate adaptation. He obtained a master’s degree in civil electrical and mechanical engineering, majoring in mechanics with an option in biomedical engineering, from the Catholic University of Leuven in 2006.

He started his career at KU Leuven in 2006 as a researcher and technical advisor in the biomedical kinesiology department. In 2009, he started work as area engineer and later as Study Manager of the Stormwater Plan at Aquafin, where he helped support urban water management in addition to designing sewers. Among other things, he did an energy and water study there together with Circular/Ducoop where the feasibility of a CESCo -a new circular housing concept- was investigated.

In 2022, he made the switch to Transition Stories to fully play out his role as a transition accelerator. In this, he complements the technical background with setting up collaborations to get sustainability projects off the ground. Erik is ‘our man of the heat plan’ and has already developed numerous heat plans. He also organises, among other things, courses on sustainable heat to give cities and municipalities the drive to realise their climate ambitions.


Financial policy estimate climate plan for city of Bruges


Climate plan financial consultancy. LEES MEER

Renewable heat training for the province of Antwerp


Organising digital training and physical workshops to give cities and towns decisiveness in realising their climate plans. READ MORE

Calculating CCC Linkeroever for the city of Antwerp

2023 – 2024

Drafting Climate City Contract to overcome barriers to climate neutrality. READ MORE

Heat plan for Grimbergen municipality

2023 – 2024

Drafting heat policy plan in response to Intercommunal Haviland’s appeal. READ MORE

Ostend heat plan for Energiehuis Oostende

2023 – 2024

Developing a heat plan and refining heat zoning map. READ MORE

Energy community for the city of Sint-Niklaas


Starting an energy community with schools, businesses and other organisations. READ MORE

Drafting exchange agreement for SOGent


Drafting of heat and cold exchange agreement between De Waalse Krook and the Winter Circus in Ghent. READ MORE

Heat plan for the city of Hasselt


Drafting heat plan to move towards climate-neutral heating and cooling. READ MORE

Heat policy for the town of Beringen

2022 – 2023

Project manager for developing the heat plan of Beringen and supporting the city in rolling out a heat network on the Houtpark site. READ MORE

Workshops "What after heat zoning?" for the province of Antwerp


Supervision of workshops where more than 15 municipalities were guided in workshop settings to prioritise and search for opportunity areas based on the prepared initial analyses of heat zoning. READ MORE

Sustainability opportunities business parks for Asse municipality


Project leader for a strategic foresight study on collective sustainability opportunities through cooperation on business parks. READ MORE

Energy and water study for Aquafin

2014 – 2022

Investigating the feasibility of a CESCo, a new circular housing concept, in collaboration with Circular/DuCoop from Ghent.

Hydronaut study 209DE and 210AC for Aquafin

2009 – 2014

Hydraulic area modelling.

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